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Become Our Mobile/Combo/Stockist


  1. Welcome to join an 20 years old franchising company from Taiwan which started its operation since 1996.
  2. There are > 180 franchising stores in all Taiwan's provinces; most of the them are combination store which includes Organic Shop, Departmental Store, Music School and even hardware shop etc.)
    台湾各县已拥有180多间加盟连锁店。多家加盟是混合店(有机店,百货店,音乐店 和 五金店等等都有。) 
  3. Our company has > 100 products available, and possessing > 50 patents.
  4. Our company has worked closely with Taiwan GRC called ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) for > 20 years.
  5. On May 2014, Master AB starts to open its office in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
  6. Promotion in 2016: Low startup, merely RM4000-4500 (AG PV 750) to qualify as first step business dealer (Taiwan required RM20000 as startup.)
    2016年促销: 低资本,僅RM4000-4500 (AG PV 750) 就可成为初步代理商。(台湾须RM20000) 
  7. Joining Fee:
    RM10,000 as Mobile Store
    RM30,000 as Combo Store
    RM100,000 as Stockist
    Details to be discussed with management.  

  8. Invitation is to towns in all states in Malaysia: Northern, Central, Southern and East Malaysia. Planning to open up to 200 franchisees.
    全马各州各地招商:北马,中马,南马 和 东马。计划全马开200 间加盟连锁店为止。
  9. In Taiwan, one successful dealer could earn up to RM20,000 a month averagely. Many senior dealer could earn up to RM100,000 a month.
    台湾平均一位成功的代理商月收入可达RM20,000左右.资深代理商平均每月收入可达马币RM 10 万以上。

Pictures of Franchises in Taiwan 台湾加盟连锁店

Malaysia 1st Franchising Store started on May 2014 马来西亚第一间加盟店于2014年5月开幕



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