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Carcinogenesis 2005 Lee 359-367

Antitumor promotional effects of a novel intestinal bacterial metabolite (IH-901) derived from the protopanaxadiol-type ginsenosides in mouse skinLEARN MORE+


健康细胞呈现球形,但与具抗菌效果表层接触时,正电荷会与细菌的细胞壁负电荷互相吸引。LEARN MORE+


提到抗菌产品,很多人可能会觉得现在市场到处充斥,根本没什么了不起,但大家可能还不知道如何选择抗菌商品,又何谓值得信赖的抗菌商品?LEARN MORE+

8 signs show that your vagina is unhealthy

8 signs which show that your vagina is unhealthy. Here are 11 things that you can do regarding itLEARN MORE+

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