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Master Antibacteria (M) Sdn. Bhd. currently mainly handled by one Managing Director, KYLee.

Proud to have previous pharmaceutical sales experiences for 10 years in MSD in 3 of the main states in Malaysia since 1994, and another 10 years of managing a stockist for one of the biggest MLM company in Malaysia, since 2003.

An opportunity came to us to start up Master Antibacteria (M) Sdn. Bhd. for our exclusive dealership to supply T-shirts to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei).

In 2008, a real taste of doing conventional business which trained us to know accounting software, managing stock & inventory, dealing with suppliers and customers, logistics handling, and many other vital roles to run a real business versus MLM. Currently, our T-shirts supplying business is enjoying a doubling growth each year since start up.

In 2012, partnering with Antibacteria International Co., Ltd. (AIC) is a golden opportunity for Master Antibateria to grow to a further height for the following reasons:

  1. Quality products with a new concept not found in Asean countries.
  2. New concept is to focus on products with anti-bacterial function & properties.
  3. AIC has been operating in Taiwan for the past 16 years; consumers acceptance has been proven. 158 chain stores/outlets recorded.
  4. Large variety of products could be used with anti-bacterial function which can be categorized as
    • Health Care
    • Personal Care
    • Family Care
    • Nano Technology
    • Active Wear (Garments)
    • Water Filtration System
  5. Many of the products have their own technical knowledge behind, providing a beneficial knowledge required in our daily life. A good learning process even to consumers.
  6. A close collaboration between AIC and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) providing an important milestone for AIC in Taiwan (ITRI website is www.itri.org.tw). ITRI has become an important research centre or base for AIC products development. A win-win collaboration and partnership.
  7. Due to the strong research team available in ITRI, AIC could always has many new products in their pipelines. An important factor for a company to have continuous growth in many years to come.
  8. Large consumers have been benefited from AIC products quality, as AIC insists on 4 criteria for each of their products. (1)Effective (2)Safe (3)Last to use (4)Green to environment.
  9. Due to the strong research background, some of the products on sales have great potential to be a million dollar product in the market. Marketing strategy is becoming the next important steps for the group to grow internationally.
  10. Once the marketing system is in place in Malaysia, or even Asean region; hundreds or even thousands of people could gain their own benefits if they could see the potential of this licensing/franchising business (not MLM).

Master Antibacteria (M) Sdn. Bhd. is proud to be associated with AIC for the Malaysia market, and subsequently to all other Asean countries.


Cooperation between Master AB and ITRI

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